Church Offering System COS


Helps the church to efficiently and easily manage all the offering issues, such as offering tracking, offering receipts printing and offering overview reporting. .

Major Modules

The interface is simple and easy-to-use,

allowing you to enter data quickly and accurately.

Manage and search memebers offering records

Staff can print a mass offering receipt in minutes by giving instructions to the system, e.g. printing the annual offering receipt for claiming tax return.

Offering reports such as: number of tithe offerings, offering amounts and overview report, etc. With different kinds of offering reports, it helps the church to understand and analyse their member’s offering habits.

System Features

Using the Attend Pro (can link with barcode/ smartcard), it can record whether each member attend the course or activity on time, late or absent.

To search for information, you can use member ID, name, phone number, address, date create or date modified to search for relevant information, which provide high accuracy and convenience.

Offering receipt printing, e.g. printing the annual offering receipt for claiming tax return

Follow-up Support Services

Data migration from existing system to the installed MCS system

Installation and setup at specific server (Hosting servers or Internal servers)

Training course for users

Free maintenance and technical support services (first three months after the system install)

Sample Screens

New Functions

Customized Printing Setting 


Users can print out the receipt of specific dedication dates. They can also print put many receipts at once. 


Receipt Report 


Users can export the receipt report of a specific dedication date.