Web Programming


Almost nothing is impossible

Being experienced in development and programming for over 20 years, development team of iGears is able to develop almost anything the others can and cannot do.

We do online system development, seamlessly integrated with the web design.

Content Management System and Online System  

Content Management System (CMS) Integrated  



CMS is an online system that establishes, manages and maintains website content. We provide the most reliable and fast management and website updates. You don’t need to worry about maintenance, in which will give you more time to concentrate on your other daily business. Our targets are very extensive that the system fits any companies. Other than building website, we also have many other services, such as online survey, account management and achievement release.




Why eCommerce?

With the exponential growth of digital marketing, social networking and smart mobile devices, eCommerce has become one of the most important essentials for almost all business. People are feeling more comfortable to shop online these years.

Web Accessibility  



Web Accessibility, matching the W3C standard, is what we are capable to do. The caring web design ensure all people can easily access the website including disabled, elderly, ones who has color blindness and etc. Having this feature can help to reach much more potential customers, and also building a caring image for your own company.


Not only the disabled are benefits, but also the people without disabilities. The flexible and user friendly design of the website benefits people in some situations such as slow internet connection, temporary disabilities, ageing and etc. Meeting the W3C standard makes the website be SEO friendly and much easier to be searched by potential customers.

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